Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 23, Decals Part B

The instructions say to: 
"Cut double grooves in the nose cone to represent recessed landing legs. Paint silver."
It'd be pretty difficult to cut grooves into a thin plastic nose cone. You'd only have one chance to get it right.
I had to come up with something different.

I made a template and centered it over the disks already in place.
Light pencil marks were made.

It's much easier to do the trim with chrome trim Monokote.
Thin strips were cut with a straightedge and sharp blade.

Here's how it looked after placing the trim strips.

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 22, Decals Part A

Three UNITED STATES decals go down the white center tubes.

This was one of the few times the decal center was right between the two words.

Mark the tube center with a light pencil line

Look down the tube from the rear to be sure it is straight.

After it is in position, remove excess water and air bubbles with a Q-tip.
Start in the middle and go out to the ends. Don't rub, Roll the Q-tip over the decal.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 21, "Lander" Disks

Mr. Alway added some details into the nose cone to simulate a lander.
Three center disks from a die-cut 5/20 centering ring is glued to the nose cone.
The three disks are spaced 120 degrees around the base of the nose cone.

I didn't have any disk centers.
I traced around a BT-5 tube on some 110 lb. card stock.
This isn't as thick as a centering ring center disk. I was concerned about how easily the disk would curve and adhere around the nose cone side.

The disks were simply cut out using scissors.
There are a few rough edges you can see on the left.

On the right is the same disk after knocking down the high spots with 400 grit.

The disks were taped to a piece of cardboard and got a coat of white paint.
On top you can still see a little raised ridge.

A few light passes with 400 grit smoothed that out.

A paper strip was wrapped around the nose cone, 1/4" from the bottom. The over lap was marked.

The circumference was 4.05".
Divided by three, there will be 1.35" between the disks.

3M adhesive was sprayed on the back of the disks.
Each disk was centered over pencil marks.
The edges were rolled down onto the curved nose cone sides.

Sealing Couplers? TIP

At a recent launch, the red coupler on my Patriot got wet.
The coupler swelled up a bit. The upper section was left out until it dried. I was concerned about the damp coupler swelling up the inside of the body tube.

In the picture you can see the darkened low end, sealed with medium CA glue.
In the middle left (above the dark CA glued area) you can see where water has been absorbed into the coupler.
I may have to seal the entire exposed end of the coupler.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Peter Alway Saturn IV Build, Part 20, Paint Fixes

There was some rough spots around the card stock details.
I didn't want to re-spray the white.
Because the model will end up sprayed with a dull coat, I can get away with some touch-ups. The final dull coat will hide any uneven paint surfaces.

I push a snack bag into a mixing cup.
Spray the white touch-up paint into the open top of the plastic bag.

Dip a Q-tip into the paint in the baggy.
Wipe off any excess paint from the Q-tip.

Don't brush on the paint, roll it on.

Roll on a light coat, let it dry.
If you add a second coat too quickly you will take off the first coat.

On the left is the before,
The inset picture shows the area after the touch-up.

After you are done, zip the baggie closed and throw it away.

Shapeways Fins

More and more 3D printed fin units and nose cones are available through Shapeways.

I found this one interesting from the Aerobotix pages. It's a three engine 13mm cluster that fits a BT-60 fin can.
To check out the other offerings: CLICK HERE

For lots of classic replacement nose cones and scale model fin cans.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Micro Fleet

Here's the active MicroMaxx fleet.
I built and flew a lot of Micro models when I got back into rocketry. They are perfect small field flyers. I just wish the delays were a little longer. Any light, streamlined model will eject before apogee.

From top left to right:
FlisKit Crayon, FlisKit Honest John, FlisKit M.A.C.M.E. Spitfire, Applewhite BIC Pen, Quest No Mercy, ASP Jayhawk, FlisKits Dim. Duece.
Middle, left to right:
Goonys, all downscales - Cloud Hopper, Piglet-sus, Missile Toe, Sky Shreak, Galaxy Guppy, Zoom Broom, Star Snoop.
Bottom, left to right:
FlisKit Interloper, Downscale Odd'l Break-Away, ASP Wac Corporal, Downscale Sky Writer, FlisKits HEMV 4.

The Quest No Mercy is the only RTF in the bunch.
The Dueces Wild, Crayon and Interloper went through some minor design changes.

Many of the carded Goony and SkyWriter downscale models are available for FREE as a printable PDF. Check out the "Free PDF Plans" button above.
Just mail me at oddlrockets@bellsouth.net and request whatever models you like.