Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Estes Patriot Build #2056, Part 1, Parts

Everybody has built one of these, except me!

This build will be a little different. At the bottom of each post I'll be keeping track of how long I take on each step. These are my personal build times, I tend to take longer on rocket building than most people. I don't keep track like this very often, it's a bigger effort to keep recorded build times.

There will be upgrades.
A BT-60 model at over 21" tall should probably be D engine capable.
You can always drop in a 18mm adapter for smaller fields.
A payload section will be made using the upper yellow tube section.

All the parts:
Yellow upper tube
Nose cone
Parachute with the 'spiderweb' pattern
18" rubber Shock cord
Two Decal sheets
Laser Cut Fins (some extra wood on the sides - hmmm . . .)
Two white body tubes around 6 3/4" long
Red Couplers
Launch Lug
18mm Engine Mount Parts (will be 24mm)

Parts of interest:
The yellow tube is a faded yellow and translucent color.
The nose cone is very good, almost seam free.
These are the tight red couplers that can grab using the new formula Elmer's white glue
Two identical stick on "decal" sheets

Build time:
Open kit and pics = 10 minutes
Total build time so far = 10 minutes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 6, Streamer and Finished

A simple 1/2" wide streamer was taped to the Kevlar cord.
Use tweezers to stuff the cord and streamer into the small tube.

As Micromaxx goes, this will be a high performance model.
Well designed, cheap and easy. It doesn't get much better than that!


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Monday, October 20, 2014

The "Original" Estes Catalog?

Earl Cagle, Jr. posted this EBAY link on YORF,

An original 1962 Estes catalog.
According to the YORF posts that followed, this is the second "Penrose" edition. The first catalog was produced in Denver.

Look close on the left side to see the Gleda Estes sewing machine binding!

The EBAY link is HERE

This catalog is considered highly collectible.
You can see full scans of every page - CLICK HERE

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 5, Upper and Lower Assembly

While the instructions say you can use "lawn dart" recovery, you are encouraged to add a recovery system. A small streamer will be fine.

I'll cut off an upper section and make and adapter from a dowel.
My 1/4" dowel diameter was a little loose in the tube so it got a wrap of copy paper.

The end of the Kevlar got a double knot.
The upper picture shows how the Kevlar will sit, wedged between the dowel and tube.

The inset picture shows the finished section with the dowel glued in.
The fin can is slid over from the top down.
It was glued in place with a few small drops of CA at the joint edges.
The instructions show the fin can even with the end of the tube. I set mine up about 1/8" from the rear.

The launch lug was set in place with tweezers.
Set down a drop of CA. Pick up the lug with tweezers.
Run the back of the lug through the CA drop. Set the lug into a fin root edge.
The instructions show two smaller lugs. I went with a single longer lug at the rear.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Art Applewhite MMX Bic Pen Rocket Build, Part 4, Engine Block

Work the blue end plug out with a knife blade.
Save it, part of it will be the engine block.

Cut off the smaller tapered end (see inset).
the small end will end up being the right inside diameter after the Kevlar is tied on.
Tie on a length of Kevlar. There won't be any elastic on this one so use about a 18" length for now.
Feed the Kevlar line through and press it into position with a MMX engine casing. I left the engine protruding about 1/8" out the back.

Pull out the casing and apply some medium CA to the block and tube with a toothpick.

808 Keychain Camera Information

On TRF, JimCatz gave a good reference website for questions about the 808 Keychain Camera:

Check Amazon and some of the rocketry vendors. These cameras sell as low as $6.11 !!!
I'm not recommending any camera for $6.11. 
I simply did a search and found a low price.

An 808 style camera was used on my two engine cluster rocket, the Big Girtha.
It was carried away by a thermal and I thought it was lost.
The rocket and camera sat in a strawberry field for who knows how long.
Somebody returned the rocket, it was destroyed by rain and exposure.

The video and audio from the camera was fine!
The camera video still works, but now there is no audio.

The whole story is HERE